Boston – Calderwood Hall

Calderwood Hall Chapel (6)

Calderwood Hall Chapel

Calderwood hall fron facade

Calderwood Hall wedding and conference venue

Calderwood Hall interior stairs

Calderwood Hall Grand Staircase

Joseph and Edith Jardine

Calderwood Hall – Joseph and Edith Jardine

Calderwood Hall completed in 1902, represents one of the grand old mansions of the Victorian and Edwardian era. It was built by Joseph Jardine and his wife Edith, and which was to house their large family of 12 children.

Today the renovated Calderwood Hall is a wedding and conference venue, with accommodation for 68 guests.

Since this hall represented the farmhouse, further images can be seen in the Calderwood Hall album under Natal Farms.

My thanks to owner, Wade Coetzee for allowing me to record this majestic building, and incorporating an image of it in our upcoming book, on Old Farms in Natal. (See previous posts.)

Contacts for Calderwood Hall are :+27(0)61 4134906 and – +27(0)33 9971926 – +27(0)832351027


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