Architectural Detail in Durban’s CBD

For those with an eye for detail, Durban’s CBD has plenty of interesting architectural motifs, design, and detail. With one eye on the hawkers crowding out the pavements, glance up and you will spot these many adornments, mostly above eye level.

For a fuller album of these adornments go to – Galleries – Geographical Regions – Durban CBD –  Durban Architectural Motifs.


Gargoyle on Quadrant House on the Esplanade

Detail on Quadrant House – Esplanade

Art Deco on the rooftops

Detail on the Victorian Railings at the harbour

Detail on Victorian railings at the harbour


Durban – West Street – Harvey Greenacre building

Mural on Victoria Mansions on the Esplanade (Victoria Embankment)


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