Adamshurst – Boston Road

Adamshurst is named after the first owners William and Ellen Adams who received the farm by way of a grant, and the home built in 1881.  The home with its two gables, has a wide 36 m passage along its width and crossed by a similarly wide passage from front to back.  As well as the corridors, other features of the home are the Victorian blue and white tiles, Burmese teak floors and mahogany doors, that add lustre to the lounge and dining rooms.

Farm murders are sadly a prevalent occurrence in South Africa today, and this farm and their family have not been spared, with the brutal, senseless murder of Warwick Dorning, in November 2009.

This post is dedicated to the courage of Dawn and to the memory of Warwick .R.I.P.

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Adamshurst – Gothic door arches

Adamshurst front facade

Adamshurst – corridor along the length of the home

Adamshurst Lounge and teak floors

Adamshurst – Prayer inlay above front door

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