Tchrengula – Ladysmith

A visit to this site which is on private property, provides an opportunity to stretch the legs up a fairly steep and overgrown kopje. Like the Brits in October 1899, I lost the path which ended in a full frontal ascent to the top, collecting a mass of grass seeds along the way. My socks looked something like a porcupine with all the grass spears.
Strangely the Gloucestershire Cemetery is well kept, but the Cemetery of the Royal Irish Fusiliers is very overgrown.
Although the Lodge on Hyde’s Farm is called Trenchgula,the correct spelling, according to the farm owner Mike Suddaby, is in fact Tchrengula which was the Zulu name given to the site, arising out of how the trenches continued to be filled by sick (gula) men during the course of the battle.

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