Umhlanga Rocks – Oceans Development

The skyline in Umhlanga Rocks continues to rapidly change as these images from July and August 2018 portray. I sincerely hope that the “powers that be”, are improving the infrastructure and services in line with all these massive developments such as this and Sibaya. Note: – Update. The  signature Oceans Umhlanga  Development  came to a […]

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Maria Trost Trappist Mission – 1895

Maria Trost, founded in 1895, lies between Oetting and Maris Stella, in the Highflats area of southern KZN. The present church built in 1934, was the third on the Mission site and constructed of local stone. In the cemetery was the solitary grave of Kenneth George Cooper, of the Natal Police who died in 1901.

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KZN’S litter problem

Its disappointing when travelling in this Province to see the culture of littering that seems to identify us. Why is it that our problem should be easily resolved by turfing out our litter, rather than disposing it in a responsible manner? There needs to be a massive educational effort to curb this scourge, followed up […]

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Nottingham Road Hotel – “Notties”

I recently had reason to stay at the “Notties” hotel, and on several occasions had dinner in their restaurant. As a student I used to visit the pub in the 1970’s and it was a favorite at the time. Well the recent experience has just reinforced my positive image of this iconic old hotel. The […]

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Clairvaux Trappist Mission 1896

Clairvaux (Clear View) Trappist Mission overlooking the Mzinga River, near Mpendle, now consists only of the Church built in 1914. The rest of the structures are represented only by foundations. I arrived at the Mission at dawn and although I couldn’t enter the church managed to get some interior images through the broken windows. The […]

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Epworth School – Scottsville

  Epworth is actually two Schools, Epworth Preparatory School for Girls and Boys, and Epworth High School for Girls. The school was opened as a private school by Emily Lowe and Emma Mason in 1898, in the City CBD, and was taken over by Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1919, and moved onto its 15 hectare […]

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Military Interest – General

I Have today uploaded an album under Galleries- Military Interest Sites – Military Interest – General, that has a mix of military interest images extracted from other albums. Most of the sites would be “lost” in the general galleries and for this reason accumulated into one album. Other composite galleries can be found in the […]

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Durban to Port Edward – Wall to Wall Beaches

Take a flip from Durban to Port Edward and all you get is miles of wall to wall beaches, that unlike the Cape can be bathed in the warm waters of the Mozambique current for all year. All of these beaches have good resorts and hotels to compliment the  natural treasures we have in KZN. […]

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Architectural Detail in Durban’s CBD

For those with an eye for detail, Durban’s CBD has plenty of interesting architectural motifs, design, and detail. With one eye on the hawkers crowding out the pavements, glance up and you will spot these many adornments, mostly above eye level. For a fuller album of these adornments go to – Galleries – Geographical Regions […]

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Durban CBD Cenotaph

Some depraved individuals recently desecrated the Durban Central Cenotaph and stole about 13 of the large bronze plaques for scrap metal. These plaques commemorate the names of the men of Durban who died in WWI and WWII. Fortunately a scrap metal dealer had the integrity to secure the bronzes and I understand they are back […]

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