Eden Lassie – Tala valley

I recently was attending the Alan Paton Book Festival, at Eden Lassie wedding and Conference Centre, in the Tala Valley, where our book “Farmhouses of Old Natal” was being presented. Not having been there, it was good to visit another great functions venue, and meet the very hospitable owners. The well turned out venue is […]

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Villa San Souci – Pietermaritzburg

Many of the traders of old are only now giving way to the new breed of traders. The home Villa San Souci, built in 1884 by John Harwin, was a relative of the founder of Greenacres & Harvey in Durban. John started his trading empire in Pietermaritzburg as a draper and his business, later became […]

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Dargle – Dargle Farm

Dargle farmhouse, originally a Boer farm named Buffelshoek was acquired by Thomas Fannin in the 1840, and is one of the older houses in the Dargle valley in the KZN midlands. The original house was replaced by the Dargle cottage which features in the album under – Galleries – Old Natal Farms – Dargle Farm. […]

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Dargle – Kilgobbin Farm

Kilgobbin Farm,with its gables looks like a church and in fact Kil means church and Gobbin, is the name of an Irish Saint. Kilgobbin was built in 1875 by Merydyth Fannin, son of Thomas Fannin who came out in the 1840’s. Merydyth had made much money in the diamond fields but he wanted to settle […]

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Cramond House – Albert Falls

Cramond House, originally part of a 3063 acre farm, near Albert Falls, has been in the Mackenzie family since 1856. The present home was built in 1900 and retains much the same footprint. The farm is presently owned by Drummond and Bridget Mackenzie, and the house still retains its original charm, along with its owners. […]

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Underberg – Umzimkulu River Lodge

Umzimkulu River Lodge , on the banks of the Umzimkulu River, is a mere 22 kilometers from Umzimkulu or about 2 hours drive from Durban. Whether its peace, quiet, and relaxation or maybe canoeing, this is the place to go.  The lodge is on the banks of the river, which sets the scene for an […]

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Adamshurst – Boston Road

Adamshurst is named after the first owners William and Ellen Adams who received the farm by way of a grant, and the home built in 1881.  The home with its two gables, has a wide 36 m passage along its width and crossed by a similarly wide passage from front to back.  As well as […]

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Owthorne Farm – Dargle Valley

Owthorne farm in the Dargle Valley was built in 1882 by Charles William Shaw, but still retains most of the original structure. Further images of this farmhouse can be found under Gallery – Old Natal Farms – Dargle Owthorne. A book featuring this farm and many more Old Natal Farms available from Otterley Press in […]

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Dusi Canoe Marathon

Having completed 10 Dusi  Canoe Marathons, it is a great privilege to be a second to my son in law Marc Parker this year. I shot a huge number of images on the race, but this image encapsulates the drama and passion of this signature event in KZN. Despite the environmental depredations in this river […]

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Fort Napier – Officers Mess

A second visit to Fort Napier allowed me to photograph the wood and iron Garrison Officers Mess. Sadly it is in a serious state of neglect. Fort Napier was established on 31 August 1843, and the first British Regiment, the 45th built the Fort. It was last used as a Garrison fort in 1914, but […]

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