Greenpoint Lighthouse 1905 – Clansthal

The Greenpoint Lighthouse at Clansthal has a commanding view from atop a steep hill and is immaculately maintained. It is not surprising in that the Keeper, Raymond Wyeness has been in the business for 33 years and his father before him. He says he has worked at some stage at most of South Africa’s and […]

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Umhlanga Country Club

Thanks to Ian and Bill for allowing me to record the club. Sadly this club will before long be assigned to history.When established this club would have been on fringe land but now occupies prime real estate. A new shopping center is planned for the site. The club has relocated to Umhlanga New Town center […]

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A visit to these former thriving coal areas demonstrates the devastation on communities when areas have been fully exploited. It is sad to see formerly well run facilities, such as Clubs, Stadia, schools, and commercial establishments, degrading to the point that they cannot be rehabilitated. With some forethought more use could be made of the old […]

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The Nkandla district is a spectacularly scenic area north of the Tugela River, and the current interest in a large homestead in the region detracts from other interesting sites. My trip with Alistair Peter, took in a Norwegian Mission near Entumeni, the pristine Nkandla indigenous forest, famous for its birdlife, Nkandla village itself with a sadly neglected […]

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Umhlali Cemetery

I completed an unfinished shoot at the above cemetery and along with the usually interesting family graves such as Hulett, Balcolm, Thrings and Jex , was a gravestone of Ruby Natalie Garland who died in an air crash on Mount Kilimanjaro on 18 May 1955, aged 63. I googled this air crash, which I was […]

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Merchiston Prep (PMB) and Longmarket Street Girls School

What a warm welcome I received at these two Pietermaritzburg Schools that I photographed yesterday. A big thank you to Dave Beetar (Principal) at Merchiston Prep. and to  both  Derryl Muir (Principal) and Joslyn (School Secretary), at Longmarket Girls School, who went out of the way, and gave me access to the schools. They were particularly excited […]

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Heritage Statues and Symbols

The recent desecration of heritage symbols from the past, have behind them all the racial undertones that emerged in Nazi Germany with the destruction of Jewish property, and coupled with the current xenophobic attacks on immigrants, casts a shadow over this countries reputation, and is polarising people’s attitudes. The responsibility for protecting people and these […]

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Durban Girls College

A big thank you to Glynnis  Mungavin for arranging for me to photograph the College which is situated in Essenwood road on the Berea. The College has some truly magnificent buildings and the stain glass windows in the Library take the prize for the most striking feature in the school. The school is not only […]

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Botha House and Umdoni Golf Park

Botha House was built for the use of the Prime Minister of the time, Louis Botha and his wife Annie. I stayed at the House which is now a B&B and maintained by a Trust. The Head of State has first call on the accommodation, but outside of that is used by tourists and visitors. […]

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Umkomaas Valley

The annual Kingfisher Canoe Club  Umkomaas Marathon has just been raced and won by Andrew Birkett and Hank McGregor. I went down to help at the start, take a few photos to add to my collection, and I have just published a Gallery on the Umkomaas Valley. (See Gallery – South Coast) The Umkomaas experience […]

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