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Cedara College

TheĀ  1542 ha of land for Cedara College was bought in 1902 by the Natal Government and was part of the farm Driefontein and Rietspuit, that originally had been granted to Frans Maritz in 1851 and Theodore Menne in 1849, respectively. Ref: Cedara College. The foundation stone of the School of Agriculture and Forestry was […]

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St Mary’s Anglican Church – Middelrus

A while ago I photographed the remains of this old church and wondered about its origins. Whilst visiting the Garrison Church in PMB, I met Earle Larson, who enlightened me and sent the old image of the church. (SeeĀ  below). Alongside are images I took and some of the few remaining graves. This church was […]

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Our Natural Heritage – Umgeni Valley

Most of my site focuses on heritage relating to the built environment, or historical structures. This post is a little reminder of our natural heritage, in this instance images of Howick Falls and the Umgeni Valley below the falls. The images were taken from the air thanks to a micro-lite flight over the area , […]

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What is it that we just don’t get about the need for maintenance and preserving historical old buildings? Whilst in Himeville recently I noticed that The Residency, a beautiful sandstone building was being neglected. This to my knowledge was used by the local Magistrate. Surely this building could be put to good use or if […]

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Boston – Calderwood Hall

Calderwood Hall completed in 1902, represents one of the grand old mansions of the Victorian and Edwardian era. It was built by Joseph Jardine and his wife Edith, and which was to house their large family of 12 children. Today the renovated Calderwood Hall is a wedding and conference venue, with accommodation for 68 guests. […]

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PMB – St George’s Garrison Church

Another seldom visited treasure in KZN is the St George’s Garrison Church in Pietermaritzburg. The church which was built in 1898, was intended mainly for use by the Military based at Fort Napier, but also utilized by the local community, and for a while by Maritzburg College and Wykeham. The church has much memorabilia relating […]

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