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Nottingham Road – Springrove Dam

If it weren’t for the Springrove Dam, completed in 2013, and which filled very quickly, Durban Metro and Pietermaritzburg would have been in dire straits due to the drought. Springrove Dam, on the Big Mooi releases water downstream, to the Mearns weir, where it is pumped into the Lions River, which feeds into Midmar Dam. […]

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PMB – Old Edendale Road

The old Edendale road is now a back road into the city having been replaced by a wider more direct route. Edendale was originally a farming area on the fringes of the city and the old road would have been a busy route into the city, with stopovers for travelers. Along this route, I discovered […]

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Umhlanga – Dubai here we come

The Village has gone and Dubai is arriving on these Indian Ocean shores. These images illustrate the progress of the Pearls and Oceans developments until June 2017. (Some might differ as to whether this is progress, but each to their own). Certainly the village atmosphere is no more, with the bustle of taxis now mixing […]

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Fern Hill Hotel – Midmar

If you are looking for a getaway that is conveniently located, has a rich history, and a reputation for great cuisine and comfortable rooms, the Fern Hill Hotel near Midmar Dam is an obvious choice. It is also conveniently situated to the Midlands Meander, and the Drakensberg mountains, themselves a World Heritage site. This hotel, […]

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Estcourt – Klipfontein Farm aloes

      From mid May until mid July the aloes in KZN are a spectacle that can’t be missed. Along the freeways, and in some of the rural areas, the rather wintry, sombre landscapes are uplifted with these displays of orange and red. One bucket list item should be the Creighton aloe festival, and […]

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